Mel de Milflors de l'Albera

 Ribera Gironell

C/ Lluis Pagès 7  17781 Vilamaniscle

Bees are in a situation of survival due to climate change and other adverse circumstances.

We are embarking on an ecological and sustainable project that contributes to overcome this problem, contributing our experience in beekeeping.
In sponsoring a hive helps protect the environment and the balance of the ecosystem, from your home, in the city and without bites.
I want help to sponsor a hive?
As easy as filling out the form and we will explain how to have your bees and your own honey.
The sponsorship of a beehive consists of the payment of 150 euros, amount that will help us in the maintenance of the bee colony; In return, you can baptize it with the name you choose and you will receive 3 kg. of honey a year throughout the life of the hive.






Honey awarded in the London Honey Quality international competition