Mel de Milflors de l'Albera

 Ribera Gironell

C/ Lluis Pagès 7  17781 Vilamaniscle


Our beehives are situated on the mountains of the north of Catalonia (near the Mediterranean sea).
In the mountains of l'Albera, we found three types of flowers, and with these flowers our bees produce the honey: rosemary, rudder and thyme.

It's fair to say that who recollect the honey are the bees. With the nectar of the flowers, this fascinating insects begins to do different processes and produce the honey. The honey is recollected in June, when the period of the flowers ends.

With no transformations, the recollected honey is kept on drums and after, the honey is bottled traditionallyhe Milflors honey Ribera Gironell is produced in Vilamaniscle, in a village of the north of Catalonia, near the Mediterranean sea, where the mountains of l'Albera go down, softly to the sea.


  And this is how in the XXI st century you can enjoy, without transformation process, and no mediator, from producer to consumer....



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Honey awarded in the London Honey Quality international competition